Local neuropsychologist publishes first book, “Acting in Your Own Best Interest”

Dr. Norman Plovnick’s work is about taking control and living life to the fullest


For more than 50 years, Dr. Norman Plovnick has been working closely with his patients to help them improve their mental health and teaching them valuable coping mechanisms as they navigate the troubles of mental illness and day-to-day life.

Around two years ago, Plovnick decided to combine his knowledge and experience into his first ever public work, “Acting in Your Own Best Interest (AIYOBI),” which is all about advancing your wellbeing and living the happiest, healthiest life.

“When it comes to our mental health, there are some things that are out of our control,” Plovnick said of the book, which was published around four weeks ago. “We cannot control our genetic makeup or our early childhood environment – both are things that impact our mental health — but there are also factors that are within our control.”

Plovnick said there are many ways to go about coping with the struggles of mental illness, and "AIYOBI" focuses on the things that are within our control and teaches readers how to identify the ways in which we sabotage ourselves mentally, how to overcome these things and how to act in our own best interest.

It is Plovnick’s hope this book, which he spent the better part of two years writing, inspires readers to take their mental health into their own hands and live life to the fullest. Another reason Plovnick felt the need to write "AIYOBI" is because he views engagement as a very important part of life as one ages. The creating and writing of "AIYOBI" was a way for Plovnick to stay engaged and apply his knowledge, although he’s retired from full-time practice.

After 50 years of work as a neuropsychologist, Plovnick has settled into retirement and in addition to creating his book has maintained a small network of pro-bono patients for whom he is still providing treatment.

 “This book is a new way of looking at mental health,” Plovnick said. “I try to get across to the reader that, as it relates to our behavior, we are in charge.”

Plovnick went on to say the book is all about doing what is best for ourselves and keeping our emotions in check. He said although there are a lot of factors — such as genetics and early childhood environment — that determine the state of our mental health, there are many things that can be done to improve ourselves and take charge of one’s own life and mental state, despite the factors that are far beyond our control.

 "AIYOBI" is available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and digital forms. To purchase the book, go to www.amazon.com and search for Dr. Norman Plovnick.


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