Watch for sandhill cranes crossing roads


New sandhill crane parents are out and about with their babies in tow. Nocatee residents are asking motorists to watch out for these vulnerable birds as they slowly cross local roadways. Sandhill cranes are a threatened and protected species.

Members of the community got four roadway signs installed by St. Johns County along Nocatee Parkway. Postcards have also been placed in storefront windows of businesses in Town Center.

Concerned residents are asking people to:

  • Give them plenty of space. 
  • Avoid feeding them. 
  • Keep pets leashed. 
  • Observe posted signage and speed limits. 

Those seeking to photograph the cranes are asked not to chase after them and cause them stress.

Florida sandhill cranes are a subspecies of the greater migratory sandhill cranes. Migratory cranes winter here, giving the appearance of an abundance of these birds. In fact, the year-round resident Florida sandhill cranes are decreasing in number due to various factors, including loss of habitat.